GOTCHA COVERED, LLC             "They thought they couldn't be found, until now."

About Us

Gotcha Covered, LLC. is located in the City of Riverdale, GA. We are primarily a Process Serving and Private Investigation company with over 17 collective years of experience in the legal industry.  We have helped customers research and execute legal documents in a variety of cases and ways.


 Our Company's primary Mission is to provide our customers with exceptional service by meeting their needs in a timely and professional manner. In order to meet this mission we have placed a high value on:

  • Treating each Employee and Client with respect and dignity

  • Staying updated on current legal and economic issues that can impact the business

  • Aggressively forming alliances and long-term relationships with dependable and professional process servers throughout the state of Georgia and the United States.

  • Remaining committed to the Community and Industry by joining local associations, sponsoring events, and volunteering human resources

  • Encouraging open communication between management, clients, and staff

  • Rewarding employees and process servers for their commitment to quality service

For more information, send us a request on our Contact Us page, or call (404) 394-6924

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Are you looking for someone that doesn't want to be found?

Do you have the time to do your own Legal Research?

Do you need someone to do it all - Legal Research, Legal filings, and Process Serving all in one?

Are you an attorney that doesn't have enough clients to hire a Paralegal full-time? 

Do you need assistance in setting up your company, or applying for an expungement or pardon?

Well, Gotcha Covered, LLC is the answer to your Problems.

All employees are college edu
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