GOTCHA COVERED, LLC             "They thought they couldn't be found, until now."


 Process Serving          State Court         Superior Court          Magistrate Court

Clayton County                    X                             X                               X
Cobb County                      X                            X                                X
DeKalb County                     X                            X                                X
Douglas County        Case By Case                   X                         Case By Case
Fulton County                      X                             X                                X
                               Forsyth County                   X                             X                                X
                               Gwinnett County                 X                    Case by Case                     X
                               Henry County            Case By Case   X                    Case By Case
                               Paulding County                 X                             X                                 X    

     Process Serving fees in the Metro Atlanta Area for 2018:
     Metro Atlanta: $100.00 (That includes three (3) attempts, per address,up to fifty (50) miles one way and in the field within seventy two (72) hours)  Please call for service over fifty (50) miles from 30274.
(Does include a possible signed Acknowledgement from the Defendant or Witness if they cooperate.)
     Rush Fee: $100.00 (If request needs to be served prior than seventy-two (72) hours) 
(Does Not Include Service Fee.)
      Risk Management Fee - $50.00 - Upwards  (Fee is if we have to meet in person, or difficulty arises.during service.  Ex:  Custody Swap, Assaulted by Defendant, etc.

(Does Not Include Service Fee)

      Special Agent Request - $25.00 - It will be charged if we have to type a Motion, Affidavit & Order.

      Sunday Fee - $200.00 - One attempt and confirmed address with meeting.
(Includes Service Fee.)

      Earlybird Fee - $100.00 (Hours 10:00 pm - 06:00 am
(Does Not Include Service Fee.)

      There will be additional fees if distance is further than 50 miles one way from Clayton County, GA. PLEASE CALL FOR RATES.

     Gotcha Covered, LLC will provide a video of the actual service for an extra fee of $50.00.

Private Investigation: $100.00 hour

Skip Trace - Address: $85.00  (Normally One Day)

Employment Verification: $150.00 (First State) $50.00 (Per State Afterwards) (Three Days)

Legal Research: $120.00 (An Hour)

                                              Surveillance: $100.00 (An Hour)

                                             Court Runner: $75.00 South of I-20 (Metro Atlanta, only.)
      $125.00 North of I-20 (Metro Atlanta, only.)
Mobile Notary: $2.00 per page (Plus Mileage)

Assist With Pardon & Expungement:  $200.00 (First Charge) $70.00 (Per Charge Extra)
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